Camden Rocks Presents: Hands Off Gretel & More

In the run up to its highly anticipated annual festival in North London, Camden Rocks prides itself on arranging a string of gigs to showcase the best of new rock, alternative and indie music from inside and outside of the capital. Photographer Gili Dailes, headed down to their most recently showcase at the Crowndale Club this Saturday featuring Hands Off Gretel, The Kut, Finding Kate and Two Year Break.

2016 Faves: "The Beauty Myth - 26 Years On"

As it's International Women's Day, we wanted to revive another one of the Parallel team's favourite pieces from the print magazines in 2016. The Beauty Myth: 26 Years On was selected as one of the most popular pieces from issue 6. Written by Amy Walker and Jenna Mahale, with visuals by Victoria Chetley, it tackles a subject that affects millions of women and girls worldwide: body image.

Banning Refugees is Murder: The UK's Anti-Trump Protest

President Trump’s election sometimes seems like a disturbing nightmare. Though laughable in his personal life and demeanor, he is the most dangerous and erratic man on the planet. At a moments notice the people of the UK stood up and collectively showed their contempt for a man who personally pushed legislation through congress that specifically targets a group of people.

"Let Them In!" - Protest at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

O’Hare International Airport was filled with people on Saturday night, but hardly anyone had luggage. We walked, not stood, on the moving walkway and made our way to the trams. Children held their parents’ gloved hands and quiet songs broke out as the tram took us all to Terminal 5: International Arrivals and Departures. By the time the tram pulled in, we could see the crowd of hundreds standing outside in the bitter cold, signs and flags waving in the air. 

LOUD WOMEN PRESENTS: Peach Club, Tuffragettes, Brosephine and Polynya

On the 20th of January, music editor Jess McPhee teamed up with LOUD WOMEN, a DIY collective that champions women in music, to put on a gig at The Hope and Anchor, London. Here are some photos from the night.

These are the famous women and men who joined #WomensMarch 2017

On the 21st of January, Women's Marches across the world saw thousands take to the streets against Trump, against the rise of the far right, brought together by a shared fight for women's rights and futures. The March is London is believed to have been 100,000 protestors strong, and the Washington March had an estimated turnout of over 2 million.