Editor-in-Chief: sophie elliott

After graduating university and deciding I wanted to get into journalism, I scoured the web to find a suitable internship or trainee programme. Finding nothing, and growing ever-more frustrated at the prospect of working at a traditional women's magazine, I made the decision to start my own. And so, Parallel was born. In 2014 we ran a crowdfunding campaign, and the first issue came out in January 2015. Since then, we've been releasing issues as frequently as we can, covering subjects such as body image, representation, women in history, activism, politics, rape culture, and more.

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arts Editor

Sophie Jackson

The Arts section covers almost everything in arts and media, from film to traditional art to books to television to crafting to whatever you consider to be art. There's a lot of scope for creative expression and artistic discussion in the arts section. I am personally interested in pitches about traditional art and books. I also encourage pitches with a focus on race, culture, religion, or LGBT+ communities, and pitches from women & non binary people of colour, and LGBT+ women. 

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Politics Editor


Amy Walker

This section focuses on lots of things from current events, to international stories, to the law and government, and how these things affect women's lives. So if you have an idea for an article that relates to any of these sectors, please get in touch!

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Jess McPhee

Music is still undoubtedly a man's world. Here at Parallel, we aim to provide a platform to showcase, support & shout about those involved both on & behind the stage while also raising awareness of the issues faced by women, people of colour & disabled people within the industry. 

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lifestyle Editor

Brooke Segarra

The Lifestyle section of Parallel covers sex, bodies, sexuality, gender, opinions, lifestyle, etc. It's an open space to discuss the taboo, the immensely personal, and the honest. Looking for pieces that express experiences and viewpoints that only you could express. Interested in what you want to talk about and explore. Judgement free zone. 

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